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Climate Transformed hosted a half-day virtual forum on Next Generation Battery Technology. The goal of the event is to dive deeply into the innovations required to solve the great challenges of storage, including range, cost, and efficacy. Explore solutions to range anxiety, the realism of solid-state batteries, and the role of cobalt and graphite. Conversations with some of the world’s leading VCs, who will assess the opportunity sets from the investor perspective.
 May 9
The mobility landscape is shifting. Chinese dominance in battery manufacturing is being challenged. Large infrastructure spending programs in the US while China removes electric vehicle subsidies. Battery supply chains remain problematic, and yet, in the background, the world’s greatest minds innovate at an unprecedented pace. We explore the intersection of policy, supply chains, and technology with our three-day virtual exploration of how we will move.
Feb 14 -
 Feb 16
The funding of the energy transition will require coordination between commercial banks, asset managers, the pension and insurance industries and governments. There needs to be a pragmatic approach taking into account the urgency for change and the practicalities that the global economy needs to function efficiently.

Open dialogue is required to ensure that systemic energy failures like we see in the EU are not repeated to the detriment of all citizens. Sustainable finance must be at the forefront of ending greenwashing and ensuring solutions for utilising capital for true impact. Our three-day virtual forum will explore all the issues and solutions for the most basic question. How can the financing of sustainability improve for the good of all?

We covered six verticals over three days, touching every facet of financing the energy transition and decarbonization, and we welcome your participation.
Jan 31 -
 Feb 2
Climate 2023 is our virtual exploration into the technologies, policies and people that will drive us towards a more sustainable and decarbonized global economy over the year ahead. We will address the near-term geo-political and policy challenges, as well as the funding requirements and breakthrough technologies essential to maintaining momentum towards Net Zero.

Over two days , we will feature our 16 sustainability verticals and a series of one-on-one interviews with the corporate leaders leading us forward. This will be a wide-ranging assessment of the climate investment landscape for the year ahead.
Dec 6 -
 Dec 7
Voluntary Carbon Markets (VCM) are the bridge to a world where technologies can decarbonise global supply chains. Capital is being abundantly deployed into every facet of the VCM ecosystem from project development to derivatives, all in anticipation of a marketplace that could be worth $300bn by 2030.

However, the economic opportunity is clouding the true intent of carbon offsets, with concerns over quality, transparency, and speculation becoming commonplace. How can we build a model where economics and environmental mission align? Climate Transformed’s exploration into every facet of voluntary carbon markets seeks to answer this most fundamental of questions.
Sep 13 -
 Sep 14
Mobilit/e, a Climate Transformed & Sino Auto Insights Collaboration, was a two week series of daily virtual forums that took an immersive look into how Electric Vehicles (EVs) will, within the next several years, replace the internal combustion engine as the primary mode of transport.

From battery materials to Tesla, from chips to the future of autonomous vehicles, the MOBILIT/E series broke down the EV sector into logical components providing a clearer understanding and appreciation of the complexity of the EV product: the breadth and depth of the raw materials, capital commitments, and level of effort needed in order to get one on the road.

Via thirty panels featuring global industry leadership and innovators, Climate Transformed addressed the groundbreaking changes underway, changes that are about to revolutionize mobility as we know it.
Feb 14 -
 Feb 25

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