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We bring back the great innovators in EV batteries to discuss critical issues such as supply chain security, the quest for range, innovation trends and commodity shortages in one of the most influential sectors for the future of the global economy.
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Research Manager Iola Hughes talks to Paul Krake about stationary storage, micro-grids in Europe, and the potential for renewable energy management in combining battery energy storage with green hydrogen production.
Featured Reports
Spiking gas prices across Europe. Complaints from middle-class families from Madrid to the Midlands. Editorials are written about Europe's over-reliance on Russian gas, yet it flows unabated despite a slew of geopolitical concerns.
As companies across the global supply chain face increasing regulatory and environmental pressure to be transparent, sourcing and producing responsibly, blockchain will revolutionise the raw materials industry, driven by a broad-based push from individual consumers and corporate investors.
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As we consider the fast-evolving battery energy stationary storage (BESS) market in recent months, two key stories have caught the market’s attention. Firstly, the increasingly strong legislative support from China, the US, and Europe is beginning to provide an ever more appealing market for BESS deployment. Secondly, the issue of safety. The recent fire at Tesla’s Victorian Big Battery Project has raised many questions on accountability and cell chemistry choice.
Battery Technology

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