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S2G: The Evolution and Mission of This Groundbreaking VC

Featuring Stephen Feilhauer, S2G Ventures

Stephan Feilhauer, MD and co-head of the recently launched clean energy fund, joins Paul to discuss the firm’s impact and the path forward as they deploy capital across late-stage venture, growth equity, and project finance.

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The shockwave moving through the venture capital industry may have been highlighted over the last ten days by the demise of SVB, but the value destruction that is permeated through early-stage investments has its roots in the US Federal Reserve tightening cycle that ended the era of loose money 12 months ago.
Sustainable Finance


Stephen Feilhauer
Managing Director
S2G Ventures

Stephen Feilhauer is a Managing Director at S2G Ventures, where he leads the direct investment strategy in clean energy. He grew up in Berlin, and completed his Master’s degree in the U.S. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. After graduate school, he worked with a team investing in renewables and has spent two years in Singapore, where he learned about the Asian market as well. Following his return to New York, Feilhauer started an initiative around investing in energy tech companies. They supported companies around electric vehicle charging, using drones for inspection, clean water companies, and various other projects.



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